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Law 16B1(b) - logical alternative definition

Regarding the wording below of Law 16B1(b) regarding the definition of logical alternative:

A logical alternative action is one that, among the class of players in question and using the methods of the partnership, would be given serious consideration by a "significant proportion" of such players, of whom it is judged "some" might select it.

Note that I placed the quotations around the "significant proportion" and "some" as that is connected to the following two questions.

1. What percentage of players is needed to be a "significant proportion"? (let us call this percentage X)

2. Of that "significant proportion", what percentage of those players is needed to satisfy the phrase "some might select it"? (let us call this percentage Y)

I've always considered X to be about 50% and Y to be about 15%, but I am curious what others think that have been frequently involved with the interpretation and execution of the Laws.

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