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Lawful advice?

The ACBL Club Directors Handbook says "Players are generally well advised to take the action they would have taken had there been no huddle."

The June Bridge World editorial says "This paragraph applies to Unauthorised Information cases generally: there are at least three main viewpoints on what a player in receipt of UI should do." Again, (surprisingly to me) the editorial endorses the first of the options below.

Assuming that you are considering several actions, what should you do?

IGNORE the UI, whatever it means. You should do whatever you would have done in the absence of UI.
DON'T take the option suggested by the UI
Act PRAGMATICALLY e.g. if bidding and making a slam after partner's huddled 5S signoff rates to be adjusted by a director or committee, pass the 5S even if you think the right action is to bid six.

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