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LC Standard -- Weak Two-Bids

I'm not a big Flannery fan. I like weak 2-bids in diamonds (as well as in the majors, of course).

The range shown is 5-11. I am big on partnership discussion of style. The vulnerability and suit quality are crucial. I would not open with this 5-count at any vulnerability: J65432 KJ 432 76. I would open2with this 5-count if not vulnerable: AJ10983 4 765 642. I would open this 11-count with2: KQ9874 42 KJ2 Q2.

Any partnership needs to know the style of each player. In LC STANDARD, a side (poor) four-card major is possible, but not likely. A side ace or side void is also possible if the hand is in the 5-11 range.

New suits are forcing as is 2NT (which asks for aFeature). Show a Featureonly if opener isn't minimum. A Featureis usually an ace or king, but could be made with other holdings if stuck. A Featureis never a void or a small singleton.

A raise is not forcing--and can be quite weak. Raising from two to three is aFollowing the LAW of Total Tricksbid, typically based on three-card support.

If the opponents overcall our weak 2-bid, double is for pure penalties (a rare situation where double actually means business).

There are many fancy gadgets and options available after the opponents make a takeout double, but none are part of LC Standard.

Next week, the "Other Conventional Calls" section of the card.

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