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Leads from doubleton honor sequences

Several bridge references I have read, both in print and online, seem to indicate that it is (or it was) common practice to reverse the normal lead from doubleton honor sequences. For example, in Matthew Kidd's [i] Notes from Kantar’s Modern Bridge Defense [/i] ( we read: "It is standard to reverse the normal lead from a doubleton honor sequence, e.g. leading the king from AK tight or the queen from KQ tight." However, from speaking to other bridge players I got the impression that this convention may no longer be very common, except perhaps for leads from AK tight. I have created this poll to get an idea of how prevalent this practice is among BW readers.

In order to avoid an undue proliferation of possible answers, I'd like to confine this poll to the following situation:

  • Leads against suit contracts
  • Players whose "normal" leads against suit contracts are A from AKx(x) and K from KQx(x)

If you are one such player, I'd appreciate your answering the questions below. Since this is really two polls in one, please select exactly one answer from questions 1-3 and one answer from questions 4-6. If the conventions that you play vary, please answer on the basis of your preferred convention. Everybody's comments are welcome, regardless of your playing agreements. Thanks!

Please select up to 2 choices.

I lead A from AK tight
I lead K from AK tight
I lead K from KQ tight
I lead Q from KQ tight

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