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Learn Bidding in 15 Minutes?

My earlier article "Learn Precision in 15 Minutes" here has me thinking:

Is it possible to teach someone how to bid at bridge from scratch in 15 minutes or less? Not to make them expert, but to get them to the point where they feel like they can sit down and play. And if so, what are the main points to be covered?

1) Scoring, the game bonus, the slam bonus.

2) Why bidding games is key to success at the game.

3) Calculating losing tricks (I think this will lead to reasonable bidding of games and slams faster than HCP count or Honor Tricks -- although I think Honor Tricks combined with some kind of length calculator ultimately leads to more accurate results for beginning players).

4) Requirements to open 1 of a suit (7 or fewer losers, longest suit).

5) Requirements to open 1NT (no singleton, no void, no two doubletons, no suit longer than 5 cards, 4 Aces or Kings).

6) Requirements to answer partner's opening (two honors Q or higher).

I dunno . . . I am starting to think that this is not possible. Remaining topics that I think are required for minimal proficiency: Responder's raise vs. NT with minimum response (and what is a minimum response?), Requirements to introduce a new suit as Responder, Requirements to jump rebid as Opener, Using Losing Trick Count to estimate how many tricks we can take.  That may be enough, but I think it still runs over 15 minutes. Especially because we probably need a few minutes to discuss defensive play.


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