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Leaving the Table

I recently finished playing in the World Junior Championships in Istanbul. Somehow, I managed to have a good time despite being eliminated in the round of 8. Something to do with Efes.... Anyway, I want to ask the Bridge World Community about "leaving the table."

People leave the table during the course of a long set of boards. Most of the time it is to go to the bathroom or for a smoke break, but are there other acceptable reasons to leave the table?  Can you leave the table simply to kill the opponents' momentum? Can you leave the table after you had a bad result?

Here is a subset of this issue: Does it matter if both players in the partnership leave the table or if only 1 does?

I welcome all comments.

Here is what happened against a certain team in the World Juior Championships: In a 14-board segment, one of the opponents left the table for a break at least every other board. Sometimes it was to go the bathroom, sometimes it was just to walk around and sometimes I have no idea why they left the table; they were dummy and were just bored. 

I was frustrated because I think it is poor gamesmanship. Part of the game is playing the given number of boards in a row. There is such a thing as momentum in bridge, and I think excessive breaks interfere too much with momentum and can affect the results.

Does the reason the opponents are taking a break matter?

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