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Legal: AI or UI?

The N/S pair is defending.  Their carding agreement is odd/even first discard.  Declarer plays three rounds of spades.  The North player following twice and playing the 8 to the third round.  Declarer plays another spade.  The North player says:  "no, I trumped the last trick, it is my lead."  The other players respond:  "no you didn't, we are playing notrump".  Dummy tabled her hand with hearts first, so an oops moment for North.

The question is whether that information of the mistake is authorized to the South player, or must South now treat the 8 as discouraging in hearts?

It is worth noting that had this been played online or with tablets, South would have not known of the mistake.  So if you think the information is AI at a bridge table, why is it now UI on tablets?

For the record, I was South.  I did not know but thought I should treat it as UI and blanked my Axxx with Q10xx in dummy on the diamonds.  It turned out partner held K8 only, so once the 8 was played we cannot untangle our two tricks no matter how I discard. I asked our TD - who is very good - but neither one of us knew for certain.

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