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ACBL's Alert Procedures specifify the following in regard to a partnership's 1D response to a (3+) natural 1C.


“Rev 4/16

1♣-P-1♦: Not Alertable if natural, forcing one round, and does not deny a four-(or five)-card major. All other uses must be Alerted.

1♣-P-1♥ or 1♣-P-1♠: Not Alertable if it shows four or more cards in the suit bid and is forcing for one round.


Bypassing a longer diamond suit is not Alertable.

1♣-P-1NT or ♦-P-1NT: Not Alertable if it shows a limited (maximum 11 HCP), balanced hand.”---------------But:

1D is something of a catch-all bid to 1C for those who play a “Walsh Diamond.” It can be natural (4+) with or without a major or 5+ with a 4-card major that can subsequently force to game.Infrequently, it is a contrived bid that is not natural; e.g., if holding xxx-Qxx-Axx-xxx, 1NT is not available since the partnership may play a 1NT response as 8-10 or 9-11.

I have never thought that the 1D response bid needed to be alerted but, apparently, it should be.

I would welcome a clarification.

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