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Leo LaSota in Limbo

You may agree that Leo LaSota is the online king -er Ace, as it were. Nine years ago, in 2005, the ACBL suspended him for ten months. Now it seems he will never get a second chance become a Grand Life Master, even though he has won a National Championship.

From the minutes of the ACBL Board of Directors meeting, San Francisco, November, 2012, is the following:

Item 123-01: Report on Hearings Application for reconsideration by Leo LaSota of his non-qualification to Grand Life Master status.: Decision: The committee finds that Mr. LaSota has not met the requirements of Section 1.6.3 of Chapter I Subsection B and therefore denies his request for reconsideration.

According to Leo:

The League has given so may bad actors second chances, but Leo, a member in good standing, will be wearing a scarlet letter for life.

I'm curious as to what percent in this forum approve of the League's decision.

Maintain the status quo.
Give Leo a second chance.

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