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Leveling the playing field for newer players?

When Precision first came out, it had the advantage of players not knowing what to bid defensively.Later, at tournaments all players of strong club (16+) had to have a booklet that outlined possible defensive bids.Opponents could glance at it and say, "We will used #1 (or #2 or #3) if they open 1C."When the Precision bidders opened 1C, the opponents could look at the booklet for help with the bidding.After a while, tournament opponents learned what to do and the booklets were not used any more.(The same was true of their 1D opening bid since it was possible they only had 1 diamond!)Great, if you're an older player who has some experience with these bids.However, if you learned bridge in the last 10 years or so and you run into a Precision bidder, you probably won't know how you can get into their auction.Yes, you could read one (or more) of the very nice, very long articles that have been published if you knew you should.Since many of the players in my club either learned in last 10 years and / or don't have a lot of tournament experience, I am hoping to find some booklets (electronically is fine) that the couple of Precision players in my club could use so that their opponents are on a level playing field.

Any other booklets that might be of help would be great, too!

It just would be nice for newer players to know what weapons they might use in the heat of the battle. 

Regards.arline fulton

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