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Light Opening Bids

Playing in the local Allendale, NJ sectional earlier today partner opened 1D with void AJxx AJxxx Txxx,with nondescript results.  The very next hand a strong opponent opened 1D with Q9xx void K9xxx KQxx and said "my hand is better than yours was."  When someone said something like "really??" He said, "of course, you have to open with spades."

The poll is designed to elicit your opinion on which of these, if either, is an opening bid and which is better.  

Playing standard Amer. NV, 20VP teams.

Neither is an opener, first hand is closer
Neither is an opener, hands are about equal
Neither is an opener, second hand is closer
First hand should open, second hand not
Second hand should open, first hand should not.
Both should open.

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