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Lightning strikes twice - what are the chances?

Most serious bridge players have heard one or more stories about underleading an Ace or maybe even AK(Q) to get partner in who then returns the correct suit for the contract setting ruff.  Sometimes the story ends in partner winning with the J and returning the originally led suit (argh!!), othertimes it is declarer who has the missing high honor and the player on lead would like to hide under the table, having given away a trick and sometimes even the contract.  It seems relatively rare that the ploy is successful and earns the opening leader lots of congratulatory slaps on the back.  

What are the chances, that one player has the opportunity to make that play twice (here within 18 month)??  

At the Phoenix NABC my team mates sent a hand to the Bulletin that we played in the Keohane North American Swiss.  I got to under lead my AK96432 of diamonds against 6 after my partner had gingerly raised the suit.  He dutifully returned a spade and declarer turned to me saying: "If you ruff this, I am going home..."  I ruffed, he sighed - but stayed on for the rest of the tournament.  I was just thrilled to have been awake enough to see the opportunity.

Yesterday in a club game, I picked up the following hand:


 RHO opens 1, I overcall 2 and after partner raises to 3 opener jumps to 4.  After leading the 9 of clubs, partner returned a heart and we set the contract.  What are the chances...

How about you??  On opening lead...

Once I underled an ace and got a ruff.
I underled an ace and got a ruff more than once
I had the chance to underlead an ace to get a ruff - but alas a cow flew by and I overlooked the play
I did it, BUT partner returned the suit I lead... :-(
This never has happened to me....

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