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[live-video] Polish Premier League Final 2015/16

We'll start playing at 2PM local time (UTC+2).The videos will be avalible:

Live scores will be avaliable here:

If you have any questions or troubles with the video - I'll be available as Jaom on the BBO.

Also you can find some of the answers below.

Q: I like it.

If you like it you can subscribe to the YouTube channel which is meant to provide videos from major events in Poland:

Q: It says it's about to start soon but it's not starting...

A: Refreshing the page with the video can help in many situations. It's one of them.

Q: It was working fine but now it's stuck buffering...

A: Refreshing the page with the video can help in many situations. It's one of them.

Q: The quality is really bad...

A: It's your internet that is bad. :) You can pick the quality in the bottom right corner of the player (see that little gear there?). 720p is best, 480 is my minimum recommended. Why did I mention the internet in the beginning? Well, YouTube does it best to guess which quality can be played without buffering. It usually starts with 480p and changes to 720p when in fullscreen mode.

Q: The video is ok but it's buffering every few seconds...

A: Most likely your internet connection is not sufficient for the quality you're using. Try switching to lower one.

Q: The video is a few seconds behind the vugraph!

A: It does take some time for YouTube's servers to process the video, re-encode it for different qualities / platforms etc and than make it available. Depending on the settings and the internet connection the delay typically varies between 5-45 seconds. You can see the exact time on the bottom of the video (it's local time which is UTC +2)

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