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Long consecutive alert sequences

Seeing as alerting is flavour of the month...

...I thought it would be fun to see what the longest consecutive alert sequence your system contains.

My two examples from my system are not infrequent and often elicit a snide remark or two from the opps.

First a proper 5 alert sequence:

2C!  multi, can be an intermediate 2 in diamonds (i2D), 6-12 hcp and 6 diamonds {other options are strong}

2H!  I'm interested in game even if you only have an i2D

2S!  I have an i2D that includes a 4 card major (unspecified)

2NT!  tell me more..

3C! 8-10 hcp, my major is hearts


It could be argued that the last bid in the next 5 bid sequence is natural, or at least semi-natural! [;-)]

2H!   3-11 hcp, at least 4-4 in the majors  (actually slightly more complex than that but good enough for here)

2NT!  tell me more...

3C!   less than 8 hcp with one 5 and one 4 card major

3D!  which is your 5-bagger?

3H!  5 hearts and 4 spades





3 consecutive alerts or fewer
4 consecutive alerts
5 consecutive alerts
6 consecutive alerts or more!

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