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Long Suits

Wednesday at the club which uses The Common Game hands, we had a 10 card suit. I was not playing, rather directing, and was asked after the game about the hand. x, x, KQJTxxxxxxx, x.

One year in my Cornhusker Bridge Center days, I was involved in 3 hands with 10 card suits, two at the CBC and one on The Sierra Network, before AOL bought it just to shut it down.

JC, who never saw a bid or play unworthy of his rage sat down to my left. I opened a home-grown Precision 1 (could be zero) and the auction went P P and JC's partner, holding 6 's PASSed. A more than typical eruption ensued as someone had deceptively PASSed with AKQJTxxxxx, planning to back into the auction.

I was being mentored by VG in those days, a worthy bridge player but always well-groomed and well accessorized. I was the dummy as she handled a 10 card suit.

And on TSN, I picked up, of course, 10 s to the KJ (down 1 in 6 despite my partner's 3 or 4 penalty doubles in the auction).

So I always thought that there was something mystical about this card game called bridge.

What's the longest suit you have ever held?

8 (multiple times per month for a serious player playing double digits of sessions per month)
9 (not that rare)
10 (can happen, but it takes a few years to come around again)
11 (I have heard of it, but never seen it)
12 (odds against approximately = odds against winning PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery, I know which one I would pick)
13 (someone has been messing with the deck)

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