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Looking for Strong Club systems

Hi folks,

I vaguely remember reading about a certain strong club system (probably a Precision version, but I am not sure) with the following properties:

* 1 is unconditionally strong (17+ points or thereabout). In particular, there is no "natural" variant with long clubs and just opening strength included.

* 1-1 is unconditionally negative (no more than 7 points or so). There are no stronger hand types whatsoever included.

* after 1-1 (uncontested auction), a 1 rebid is an artificial relay to show extra strength, like 21+ points, including very strong balanced hands. The idea is that jump rebid sequences like 1-1-2NT are still free and can be used to show special hand types. Apart from the additional efforts of memorizing the sequences starting with 1-1-1, the obvious cost is that opener no longer has a natural 1 rebid with, say, 17 points and five hearts available.

I seem to recall that, in yet another version, 1-1-2 was opener's artifical rebid with extra strength (instead of 1). Does anyone know either of these treatments and where I can find some system notes for them?

Many thanks in advance.


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