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Looking For Wikipedia Volunteers

Wikipedia has several articles on Bridge, and Bridge players, but there are several people that do not have a current Wikipedia entry, e.g. von Zedwitz, Josephine Culbertson.

I'd like to see entries created for various well-known players. Let me arbitrarily set a criteria of 5 ACBL National wins or a world title to justify a Wikipedia entry. Obviously this is ACBL-centric, but if someone wants to do the work for other NBOs, go for it.

See, and look under "Tasks to do".


1. Someone needs to create a file that cross references all the players that have won or finished second in NABC championships and World Championships. Am thinking an Excel type file so that we can easily sort and find the list of players have won at least 5 NABCs. Is anyone interested in volunteering to do this? It is quite a bit of work to compile this list, hence looking for a volunteer.

2. Once we have the list, we can quickly use a standard bridge player Wikipedia template for all the players that do not have Wikipedia entry and create the entry.

For example, see Dorothy Hayden Truscott, Richard Freeman or Sam Stayman as examples for a template. We can use a little computer magic to auto-populate the "Bridge accomplishments" section based on the contents of the Excel file.

3. For each player, we then need to go through Wikipedia and changes the reference to become a link. This is a little tedious, can be done manually or with a little computer magic. The more links to a person within Wikipedia, the more likely the entry will not be deleted.

4. For each player, someone needs to do some autobiographical research.

We could create a Wiki page for each player manually (I did one for Richard Freeman about 3 years ago), but the process is much easier if we can make use of some computer magic to speed up the process, hence the request for someone to do step #1. I will volunteer to do #2 if someone else will do #1.

Once we get to step #3, I'll post something else and look for more volunteers from this group.

A sampling of some of the players missing:

Waldemar von Zedwitz, Josephine Culbertson, B. Jay Becker, George Rapee, Nick Nickell. There's a lot more, please don't fill the comments here with who you think should be on Wikipedia; what I'm trying to do is to create a process so that we can get these pages written.

If anyone interested in step #1, let me know and I can explain what's needed in more detail.

If no-one volunteers to do #1, then we can create a manual process for someone to go through and create a Wikipedia entry for famous bridge players.

Separately, if you are interested in working on Wikipedia, just sign up at that site. There's always some work to be done, for example, there is no article on the Bali Cheating Scandal, some of the WBF pages are out of date, some ACBL pages are out of date - anyone want to write article for North American Collegiate Championship?.

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