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Losing by the slimest of margins

In the Hunt Valley regional our team lost an Opening CKO match by 0.01. Unknown to all, the two brackets were handicapped. We were in Bracket 2. Our team initially "won" by a single IMP. Getting ready for our 2nd match, I was called back by the director and informed the other team had a 1.01 handicap. Oh well, In retrospect I have a question to other directors. The computer having up to date point total was stolen. My guess is that many team were estimating point totals or just using there last known totals which would be one month old. I have no clue if that is true of our opponents. I used our Aug 6 numbers. The actual true MP difference was 1380. Is that enough for a 1.01 handicap? This is water long over the dam but I am curious. Hopefully the directors verified actual handicaps with true MP totals before but being a CKO, time available may have been a factor.

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