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Lyon Round-Robin, Day 6
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With the round-robins nearing their ends, it was crunch time for teams in the middle of the pack hoping to rack up some VPs in the hopes of breaking into the top eight. Both American Bermuda Bowl teams suffered a blow in match 16, USA 1 losing to BANGLADESH and USA 2 to NEW ZEALANDAUSTRALIA's chances of qualifying also suffered with a 41-15 loss to THE NETHERLANDS, but the Aussies were only 9 VPs out of 8th place. ITALY lost a very low-scoring match to SWEDEN, dropping to 9th, while CHINA and MONACO recorded big wins.

In match 17, USA1 and USA2 struck back with wins over ITALY and BRAZIL, respectively, two teams in the 9th through 12th group. AUSTRALIA lost again, this time by 6 IMPs to SWEDEN. CHINA, EGYPT, and BULGARIA all won, creating a 12-VP gap between 8th and 9th with four matches left to play.

Match 18 narrowed that gap: EGYPT lost while MONACO and AUSTRALIA won, inching closer to the last qualifying slot. The latter's win was especially critical, because AUSTRALIA played ITALY, another team vying for qualification. 

With one day left before the knockout phase, the standings were (VP decimals truncated):

1. FRANCE, 240 VPs


3. SWEDEN, 225

4. BULGARIA, 214

5. USA1, 213

6. USA2, 207

7. CHINA, 204

8. EGYPT, 192

9. MONACO, 188

10. AUSTRALIA, 187

11. ITALY, 183

12. BRAZIL, 180

While the Bermuda Bowl had several teams close to the qualifying mark after day 6, the Venice Cup saw a much larger gap with three matches left. The top eight teams stayed solidly above the rest of the pack, while it would take an exceptional performance on the final day of the round-robin to see any other team force its way into the top group.

USA1 had a good day, with three wins, but it still lagged nearly 20 VPs behind 8th place. FRANCE has a similarly difficult road ahead of it, while the other teams are significantly further back. Going into the final day:

1. SWEDEN, 255 VPs


3. CHINA, 229

4. RUSSIA, 228


6. ENGLAND, 218

7. ISRAEL, 216

8. POLAND, 211

9. USA1, 193

10. FRANCE, 192

The horserace in the d'Orsi Trophy was even tighter than in the Bermuda Bowl. USA2 and FRANCE maintained their #1 and #2 positions, both teams winning twice and losing a close match.

AUSTRIA lost three times, to USA2CHINA, and GUADELOUPE, slipping out of the top eight. ISRAEL had a slow day as well, with two losses and a small win, but it actually moved from 8th to 7th over the course of the sixth day. ARGENTINA fared similarly, losing twice and then winning by 2 IMPs. TURKEY and JAPAN had moderately successful days, with two wins and a loss each.

After day 6:

1. USA2, 250 VPs

2. FRANCE, 234

3. ITALY, 223

4. USA1, 220


6. SWEDEN, 208

7. ISRAEL, 198

8. JAPAN, 197

9. AUSTRIA, 196

10. TURKEY, 194

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