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Lyon Semifinals, Day 1
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The semifinals of the Bermuda Bowl pitted FRANCE against NEW ZEALAND and USA2 against BULGARIA.

NEW ZEALAND, which had staged an impressive upset against THE NETHERLANDS, did not seem able to keep the run going against FRANCE. The French got off to a fast start, leading 44-5 after the first segment, and it extended its lead in the second and third sets. At halftime, FRANCE led by a whopping 92 IMPs, 132-40.

On the other side of the bracket, BULGARIA, which had defeated Nick Nickell's USA1 squad in the quarterfinals, started strongly against the other American team, leading 42-18 after the first 16 boards. Over the first 10 boards of the second set, BULGARIA outscored USA2 36-12, leading by 78-30. Over the last six, USA2 started to rally, scoring 37 unanswered IMPs, trailing by just 11 IMPs after 32 boards. The third stanza went USA2's way as well, 39-22. The Americans had taken a narrow 106-100 lead at the half.

In the Venice Cup, ENGLAND got off to a 42-12 lead over SWEDEN after one segment, and it added 33 IMPs in the second set, ahead 98-35 after 32 boards. In the third set, SWEDEN came roaring back with a 52-19 segment, cutting the deficit to 30 IMPs. At the half, ENGLAND was up 117-87.

CHINA vs. POLAND was a see-saw battle. CHINA won the first segment by 19 IMPs, but POLAND struck back in the second, taking it by 20, leading 73-72. The third was CHINA again, winning 52-18 and taking a 124-91 hafltime lead.

Both matches in the d'Orsi Trophy were close on day one. USA2 started down 25-17 to SWEDEN after one segment, but it was up by 1 IMP, 49-48, after two sets. The third session was 41-34 in favor of USA2, ahead 90-82 at the half.

INDIA led ITALY 14-11 after one segment, but the Italians struck back in the second segment, taking a 72-54 lead. INDIA won the third set narrowly, cutting the deficit to 13 IMPs, 102-89, at halftime.

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