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Marked cards

The second and final session of a minor pairs tournament. It is a Christmas party event and I am there to have a good time with a partner whose company I enjoy without expectations of a winning result.

On one of the first boards of the session, I am dummy and I turn over my card at the end of trick one.

As I do so, I notice that the card does not have a center of symmetry. I am surprised, I know what the laws say.

Just for confirmation, at the end of the next trick, I place the second card alongside the first one and try to line it up anti-sense so that I can really confirm the lack of symmetry.

Imagine my surprise when it turns out that the second card has a similar but different pattern.

I think that perhaps a card has been swapped between different decks but no, observation over the rest of the session fails to spot two identical cards in the same deck with this pattern style.

Yes, we really are playing a session where approx half of the decks are genuinely marked.

The cards were branded A Plus and I see that on the web, you can purchase marked cards of that brand.

The event was not an important one so I kept quiet at the time and sent a memo off to the recorder.

Anyone else ever seen this?

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