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Masterpoint Honor Title I Hadn't Heard of

I found out yesterday that the masterpoint honor titles recognized by the ACBL include Golden Age Master. The following is from

"GOLDEN AGE MASTER - a member who is age 70 or older and has at least 300 masterpoints of any color recorded by ACBL, or a member who is at least 80 years old and has at least 100 masterpoints of any color recorded by ACBL. On application to ACBL, an eligible member will be designated Golden Age Master and sent an appropriate certificate."

This makes me wonder...

1. When and why was this introduced?

2. How many Bridge Winners members have heard of it?

3. Had anyone heard of it who doesn't know who Bahar Gidwani is?

4. How many have applied for and gotten it?

5. Why doesn't the ACBL track eligibility for it instead of awarding it only after receiving an application?

6. Should the application include an essay?

7. Should the title also cover members at least 90 years old who have at least 50 masterpoints?

8. What purpose does it retain since the advent of Gold Rush events?

9. Other (because there's always an "Other")?

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