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Maurizio Di Sacco

The following are facts that I have learned from BW only, so thought I would put them together in one place, as I find them interesting.

1.  Maurizio Di Sacco is the Operations Director in Chennai (Note subsequently added:  Max Bavin is/was the Chief Tournament Director).

2.  Paul Weinstock has stated that "Maurizio is WBF.  Period."



4.  An article in Italian written by Mr. Di Sacco contains the following language:

"The PBU has decided to follow a different path than that of the three other (bridge) organizations that have preceded it in disgrace,

choosing to not withdraw the team."  He called that position "extreme."


 Notes:  Since the original reference made by David Gold has now been deleted from his comments on a different thread, my prior #3 point would 

make no sense.  So, I removed it.


Also, Laura Camponeschi has printed below the article that I refer to in point #4.

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