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Meaning of 1M-2m-3M?

This poll also applies to the sequence 1-2-3 - the title is chosen for brevity.

Playing 2/1, opener doesn't have to jump in his major suit just to show a strong hand with a 6+ card suit, since a simple rebid of his suit would still be forcing.  The jump rebid should therefore show a specific type of hand, although the precise definition is unclear to me.  How do people play this sequence nowadays?

For the third and fourth options, my definition of "semi-solid" is a suit that has a better than 50% chance of avoiding more than one loser opposite a void.  KQJTxx and KQJ9xxx are examples of minimum suits.  If your definition of semi-solid is wildly different from this, please vote for "other".

solid suit and extra values
solid suit, not promising extra values
semi-solid suit and extra values
semi-solid suit, not promising extra values
good 7 card suit and extra values
good 6 card suit and extra values
other - please specify in a comment if possible

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