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Meaning of 1S-1N-4C

You are playing a MP tournament in a club with an unknown partner, having agreed quickly to play 2/1 with 1NT forcing.

Partner opens 1 and over your 1NT response he rebids 4.

What do you decide to be the meaning of his bidding?


Feel free to comment on the merits of each possible meaning, but please answer the poll with what you would decide, not what you would prefer.

Natural (strong hand with long black suits)
Gerber (asks Aces)
Autosplinter (fixes spades as trumps, shows singleton in clubs)
Exclusion (asks keycards in spades, excluding clubs)
Some other meaning (please specify)
I do not see one sufficiently probable meaning (would decide how to proceed on some other basis)
Abstain (please say why)

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