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Meaning of pass after (1M)-dbl-(redbl)

What does pass mean in this situation i.e. your .Lho opens 1Major your partner doubles and your RHO redoubles showing 10+ HCP but no support for opened Major

Denies a 5 card suit, nothing about values
Denies 4 cards in cheapest suit and 5 cards in other suits, nothing about values
Denies a 5 card suit, promises some values (about 5 HCP)
Denies 4 cards in Other major, nothing about values
Denies values and denies 5 card suit
Suggests this is best spot (to defend 1M xx)
Varies according to which position was 1M opened in
Different for 1 and 1 opening
Other (please elaborate)
I would never pass

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