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Measuring Aggressiveness Objectively

In another thread, a discussion of Aggressiveness came up, about how to measure it, and how that should be disclosed to opponents.

Someone pointed out that Larry Cohen's website has a little test of aggressiveness, and while I'm not sure how validated it is, at least it is an objective way to put a number on one's aggressiveness tendencies.

I took the test and scored 55 out of 100. With prior knowledge of the scale (1-100), before I took the test I would probably have given myself about 65-70 at Matchpoints or 60 at IMPs, so I'm apparently not as aggressive as I would have told others.

I also found some questions where I wanted to know if I were playing IMPs or Matchpoints.

So I propose the following exercise....

1. Before looking at the test, subjectively rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 100 for "Aggressiveness" at the table for EACH of IMPs and Matchpoints. If you have a regular partner, you might get their opinion on this as a second pair of numbers.

2. Take the test, and for each question, track your answer at IMPs and at Matchpoints separately.

3. Report back here on the accuracy of your initial subjective rating, compared to the actual test results on both IMPs and Matchpoints. If you asked your partner's opinion, report how that compares to your own opinion and to the actual results.

If nothing else, we can see how well this test measures us, how well we assess ourselves, and maybe refine it (if needed) to something that works well enough to use as a basis for disclosure.

Anyway, I thought it was a cool test, so have fun!

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