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Membership Meeting Amendment - BOD Downsizing


MOVED by the Membership, that in order to save approximately $172,000 as early as 2017 and in each future year, and to open the decision making process of the ACBL to its concerned Members, that the following provision be implements immediately. This is also a proposed amendment the ACBL By-Laws, Article V, to include a new Section 5.8 entitled “Board of Directors Meetings and Additional Composition”:

5.8.1 The ACBL President, during the term of presidency, and the Chairman of the Board of Governors (“BOG”), shall be compensated to attend all three Board of Director (“BOD”) meetings each year.

5.8.2 Each of the remaining 24 BOD Members shall be compensated to attend only one of the three annual BOD Meetings, beginning as soon as 2017 and in all future years. It is contemplated that 1/3, or 8 of 24 remaining, BOD Members will be physically present for each BOD Meeting, but all may vote even if remotely or by proxy. The President shall direct at which one of the three annual BOD Meetings that each BOD Member will be compensated for attendance. BOD Members not in physical attendance may be brought to Meetings by voice or video conferencing, as the President determines prudent or necessary, or may attend physically at their own expense (Savings $172,000).

5.8.3 A Representative of Bridge Clubs, and a Representative of Bridge Teachers, shall be appointed or chosen by their respective Organizations, who agree to attend all BOD Meetings at their own or at their group’s expense. Each such Representative shall have permanent, full BOD Meeting attendance privileges, but no vote.

5.8.4 All BOD Meetings and BOD Committee Meetings shall be video recorded, with live streaming, and with the video recordings immediately posted to the ACBL web site on a daily basis.


The BOD “Travel Expense” increased from $218,000 (rounded) in 2014 to an astonishing $259,000 in 2015. This was an unconscionable increase of 19% in just a single calendar year!

Using the higher “Travel Expense” given figure for 2015, a cut of 2/3 in physical attendance at BOD Meetings should seemingly result in approximately a 2/3 reduction, or about $172,000 savings.

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