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Methods when last train is doubled

Hi guys,


It is fairly standard now what to do when a regular cue-bid is doubled (typically xx shows 1st round control, pass asks partner to clarify his holding etc.).

But what if last train is doubled? One problem is that, unlike regular cue-bids, LT leaves no room to squeeze in another cue-bid below the game level (it is called last train for a reason). Thus the next hand only has P/XX to work with (if not willing to commit its side to the five level) and facing partner's pass the fourth hand's only option is XX. The second difference is that a regular cue-bid already promises a control in the suit which may be enough depending on who doubled and which hand will declare. In case of LT our side can have no control in the suit to begin with and it would be nice to find out without leaving the safe haven of the four level.

I do have my ideas how to cope with the situation but I would welcome some input especially from pairs who play LT and have some battleground-tested methods in this area.


Konrad Ciborowski

Krakow, Poland

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