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Mini-NT when?

Suppose a partnership has decided to play mini-NT (10-12) in first and second seats.  In fourth seat and vulnerable in third seat, they'll play 15-17.  That leaves 3rd seat non-vul: what range is best there? On the one hand, partner (dealer) can't have more than a 9-count, so 1NT is often (usually?) going down if it shows 10-12, and there's certainly no game on power.  Using 15-17 seems far better for constructive bidding.  On the other hand, 1NT on 10-12 is preemptive, and down in 50s will probably be fine.  If opponents get the double on, maybe there's a safer place to find, though of course sometimes doom will be inevitable.  A third range (12-14, 13-15, 17-19?) is possible, but there's merit in keeping things simple.  All things considered, what range would you recommend in 3rd seat not vul?

Some range other than the above two, accepting the extra complexity
10-12 at matchpoints, 15-17 at IMPs
10-12 at IMPs, 15-17 at matchpoints
Depends on the rest of the system or on other factors (please explain)
The whole idea is nuts

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