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Mini & Weak No Trump

Since I started bridge some years ago I have always been playing a 1NT opening as "stong" (ie. 15-17).

For the next season coming up soon, I'd like to include in my method some more aggressive NT ranges as 10-12 (at favourable) or 12-14 (equal vuln.), but I still don't know how to organize the whole thing onto a bidding method.

Thus here are several questions I would like to submit to the BW community :

1° How do those changes affect the rest of the system ? especially when it comes to fit responder's major after 1m-pass-1M-pass.

2° Is it preferable to treat all balanced hands outside the NT range as a 1 opening ? therefore playing an unbalanced 1 ?

3° The NT responding structure has to be modified, hasn't it ? Which treatment are preferable ?


Anyone willing to volunteer his knowledge and share some documents is very welcome (those will be gladly accepted) ^^

You can text me via the BW mailbox

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