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minorwood - what are your rules if 4m is minorwood?

My partner and I had a lose agreement on what is minorwood.

1. If we are in Game Forcing or already in Game Forcing, then 4m is minorwood.

2. Otherwise, we must be in constructive bidding and a jump to 4m.


Do you think the above rules are reasonable and if you play minorwood,

I would really like to know what rules do you use? Thanks ahead.


Please select each one of bidding sequences below you think is minorwood.

Do not select if you think 4m bid is invite or something else.



Please select up to 7 choices.

1m-2m; 4m
1m-2m; 2M-4m
1m-2m; 3m-4m
1C-2D; 4C (2D is criss-cross, showing mixed raise with 5-card support)
1D-1H; 2S-3H; 3NT-4D (2S is GF, 3H shows good 6x suit)
1m-2m; 2M-3m; 4m (2M shows stopper/value, not Game forcing)
1S-2C; 2D-3D; 3NT-4D (2 over 1 is game force unless rebid suit; thus 3D is game forcing)

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