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Montreal Relay with 0 Clubs?

Most of the "Montreal Relay" questions seem to be older in nature, so I apologize if this has been rehashed in the past -- but with the new convention charts I was wondering if anything really changes. 

My question is, "can someone open 1 with 0 or 1 club, playing the Basic and Basic+ charts?"

For the Basic(+) card, it seems disallowed:

1. Any opening bid in a suit which is Natural, as long as it shows at least Near-Average Strength.  (If I could have 0 or 1 club, this isn't natural)

2. A 1 or 1 opening bid that is either Natural or Quasi-Natural, as long as it shows at least Average Strength. (It's not Quasi-Natural, as it doesn't have a NT distribution with 0 or 1 club)

3. An Artificial 1 opening bid that is Strong and Forcing. (It's not Strong and Forcing)

Can you open 1 with 0 or 1 club using the Open(+) charts?  It seems disallowed, as it would be disallowed as opening a one level bid where two suits are not known?  (This might be a stretch?)

8. An Artificial opening bid showing two suits, neither of which is known.

And if you open 1 with 4-4-5-0 (with no 5 card major), then I certain don't know which two suits you may have, and nor does your partner.

I would have ZERO problem opening 1 as a Montreal Relay if you had at least 2 clubs and a balanced hand, as that seems to satisfy #2 in the Basic(+) system.

If we deem it "allowed", then the final question is, is the explanation "could be short" sufficient, or should the playing pair offer "could be as short as ZERO", and describe the rare hand (4-4-5-0) when they would open 1?

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