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You hold a nice opening bid: 14 HCP with six spades.  You open 1 and partner responds 2.  You rebid 2, showing six+ spades in your system.  Partner raises to 3.  At this point, you notice that partner passed as dealer.  You call the director (Law 20F4) and tell him that you failed to alert partner's 2, which was Drury, showing four-card support and 10 or so HCP.  The director takes each opponent away from the table for short consultations, then says the auction can continue.

It occurs to you that partner might have passed if you had alerted 2 when it was bid.  You play that 2 after the Drury response shows no game interest.  What do you do?

I ask this because I'm conflicted.  I believe that if it is wrong to keep silent then the Laws should say so.  They do not, but it still feels wrong to me.  

Nothing. You did your duty and will now bid 4.
If your opponents are inexperienced, suggest to the director that there may be UI from the failure to alert.
Bring up UI to the director, regardless of opponents' experience.
Have a talk with partner about UI after the session.
Pass: 3 becomes the contract.

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