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Moss and Demuy Win LM Pairs

Congratulations to Brad Moss and Vince Demuy, winners of the Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs! Second place were Edward Nagy and Gary Soules, and third were Peter Boyd and Steve Robinson.

The winners: Demuy and Moss

EDIT: The Daily Bulletin shows Nagy and Soules as the winners, but ACBL Live lists Moss and Demuy. Stay tuned.

EDIT #2: Nagy and Soules are the winners! ACBL Live didn't get updated after the appeal. Congratulations to the winners.

EDIT #3, 1:19pm Pacific: Now two reputable sources who have communicated directly with Bridge Winners are saying that Moss and Demuy are the winners, while another source is saying that Nagy and Soules are the winners. We will update this post once the sources get together and agree upon the winner.

EDIT #4, 4:24pm Pacific: We have received final confirmation that Moss and Demuy are, in fact, the winners.

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