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Mr. Sportsmanship Shows His Stuff

So Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist came to our table last night, and, as usual, left us with few matchpoints in our little basket.

Yet, a few rounds later, Boye returns to our table. What was the issue?  He said that Espen didn't alert something on a hand, and upon reflection, he thought that he, Boye, thus took the wrong action in light of the failure to alert, and perhaps we were harmed.  (I know you want to know what it was - but - it was rather complex and I don't want to report inaccurately.)

In any case, ultimately Boye shared it with the directors, they came up with some weighted solution to handle what had occurred - and we then earned a few extra nuggies.

How many players do you know would a) cogitate about a hand and judge that the opponents were wronged, then b) turn himself in?

The Sheriff is ON the job .... amazingly talented AND ethical!  

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