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You have agreed to play multi 2, which will include weak 2, weak 2, and 22-23 HCP balanced.  What is the theoretically best way to handle responding hands with 4-4, 4-3, or 3-3 (and shape) in the majors, i.e., the hand that normally continues a weak 2M preempt?



Bid 3M (pass or correct); forget about catering to the 22-23 HCP balanced hand.
Bid 2M (pass or correct) as appropriate, always catering to the 22-23 HCP hand. This is part of what you sacrifice playing multi with strong hands.
It depends on vulnerability (please explain)
It depends on form of scoring (please explain)
It depends on both vulnerability and form of scoring (please explain)
Who cares? Multi is a bad convention/I don't play it/the GCC won't allow it, etc.

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