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My 1NT engine

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my thread on 3-level responses to 1NT.  Following thoughts from there, I have come up with a scheme which I will be discussing with partner, but I wanted to get some opinions here first. 

The scheme should be playable over our 1NT opening (11-14), over a 1NT overcall (15-18) and after a 1 - 1T - 1NT (15-18) sequence.  Obviously in the last case responder has already shown a major and opener has denied 4 card support, so some sequences will be irrelevant/impossible.

I liked the 3M bids to show (31)(54) hands, but didn't see how to include 22(54) hands.  I also wasn't keen on opener not knowing which was the longer minor.  I think I have sorted that and have also managed to fit most (41)44 and 40(54) hands into the system. 

I have used the term sub-invitational to show a 6+ minor headed by exactly 2 top honours with below normal invitational values.  Over a strong NT it should have almost nothing outside.  Over the 11-14 it should have some scattered values.

The scheme is as follows:

2 Simple Stayman

2/2 normal transfers denying 4 in the other Major

2  Either a hand which wants to know whether opener is minimum/maximum or a sub-invitational club hand, or GF 5422 minors either way or 5+ clubs and 4 diamonds GF with a Major shortage

2NT either weak clubs, sub-invitational diamonds or GF Clubs which may be 5+ clubs with a 4-card major but not some 5440

3 either weak diamonds or GF diamonds which may be 5+ diamonds and a 4-card Major but not some 5440

3 5+/5+ minors at least invitational

3/3 GF 5+ diamonds, 4 clubs short in the other Major


Having included 5+m/4M hands in the higher bids, I have freed up Stayman followed by 3m to show 5440 and 4441 hands inside the Stayman sequences.


Comments or criticism would be appreciated.

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