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My dream bridge outing with Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg is one of my bridge idols, and I was scheduled to play a national event with him.  Unfortunately, we hadn't talked over a card.  As is my wont in those situations, I arrived 40 minutes early for the event and had two convention cards ready to fill in.  Another 20 minutes passed before I saw Michael, as he sauntered in, occasionally stopping for a quick word, before meeting me at the table - I wasn't worried yet, but I was hurried; I'd already filled in some pro-forma stuff that I assumed he would be ok with, like 2/1, 15-17 NT, etc. 

Michael greeted me, and I handed him the card I'd started.  He frowned, then looked at me and told me "We're going to play precision", and started erasing the stuff I had already put in.  I assumed that he had been talking to someone and discovered I played a big club in my primary partnership, but what we play is very different than standard precision or common variants, and I tried to communicate that to Michael.  "Nonsense, it will be easy" and he started going over the card with a 14-16 NT and semi-forcing NT. 

The event was starting soon, and we hadn't gotten around to a precision 2 opening which I've never played before, or what we do over interference, or our basic responses to 1 openings - heck, we haven't even discussed carding or our keycard agreements.  I'm starting to panic as Michael is filling in our card - what a waste of a great opportunity to play with one of the best to play the game, and now we're playing a system I'm unfamiliar with and which requires discussions that we haven't had to play correctly....

At that point I wake up, find my non-bridge playing wife awake next to me, and start telling her about this dream I had.  I'm still trying to figure out if it qualified for a nightmare.

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