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NABC Entry Fees Increase as of Summer, 2019

Item 183-43: NABC Fees : The ACBL Board of Directors approved across the board entry fee increases at all NABCs effective with the Las Vegas, 2019 Summer NABC (Memphis in March has been spared).  $15 goes to $20; $16 goes to $20; $25 goes to $30 per session, per player.  In addition there will be a surcharge for days when screens are being used!

The accountants may be happy but I fear the bottom line and ultimate effect will be a drastic decline in NABC tournament attendance.

The original proposal was for greater increases but with a rebate for staying at the host hotel.  So many problems with that - do local commuters get a discount, do you use Zip codes?, host hotels sometimes sell out or for certain nights, why discriminate against ACBL dues paying and playing members who can't afford the host hotel?   For now, no rebates for staying at host hotel but I'm told ACBL management will continue to investigate the possibilities of doing so in the future.

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