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NABC Housing Problems: Kansas City & Toronto

The official estimate for the Kansas City NABC is a very low 9,500 tables.  There is no doubt that had the ACBL booked enough rooms, attendance would be significantly higher.  The $99 host hotel Westin & Sheraton rooms sold out at that price four months ago!

The ACBL tournament flyers for the Toronto NABC clearly state in bold letters "Reservations Open January 16, 2017".  Notwithstanding that, ONPEAK & ACBL opened the reservation lines a day early on January 15!  I'm told it was an experiment by the ACBL CEO (according to Gary Hann on another post, the ACBL's 990 forms for 2015 indicate "Mr. Hartmann's total 2015 compensation of about $294,000. No telling what Mr. Hartmann received for 2016, or is receiving currently").

How did opening the reservations line one day early work?  The only hotel (The InterContinental) attached to the convention center playing area virtually sold out the first day.  Many people who waited until January 16 were out of luck.  A few days ago I checked the ACBL website.  It indicated that ALL three hotels were sold out!  When I tried to call ONPEAK by phone I was put on hold and disconnected.

Today the ACBL website indicates that the Westin Harbour Castle is sold out,  The InterContinental is sold out, while the Royal York has some rooms available but is Sold Out on Wed, Thurs & Saturday July 26, 27 & 30.

The Spring NABC has yet to officially open and it is impossible to book a full week's worth of rooms for the Summer NABC!

Declining attendance becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when the ACBL artificially caps attendance numbers by poor planning and not ensuring enough rooms at affordable prices.  The "subject to change" entry fees for NABC events in Toronto is listed at $32 Canadian per person per session. Local players will be very selective and play less frequently.

The ACBL Board of Governors meeting will be held in Kansas City next Sunday morning March 12.  It is open to everyone although only members of the ACBL Board of Governors are allowed to speak.  The ACBL Board of Directors and ACBL management will be in attendance.  I invite people who are concerned to attend (regrettably it falls on "Spring Forward" Sunday when we move our clocks forward one hour and start Daylight Savings Time -- the lost hour won't help to rouse folks out of bed).

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