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NABC Survey

The survey has been sent out again. Surveys have been sent out for quite a few NABCs.

Debbie mentioned in the general Providence thread:

"In terms of finding out why people did not attend, a good compromise between sending to the whole membership and nobody might be send to anyone who attended a Fall NABC in the last 5 years.I hope that will be done for Chicago this summer. I'm interested in knowing whether the $170 room rate (highest I can remember for an NABC) with (apparently) little or nothing in the way of cheaper options nearby, keeps people away.

Of course unless the survey results are published, I don't know that I'll find out anything. If anyone on here knows how to see results of previous surveys, please do tell."


I too wonder where the results of the surveys end up. I'm assuming they are not a privacy issue or sensitive legal matter so the data should be available to the membership via the web site or in the reports given to the BOD. Does the BOD get the results?  If so, is it the raw data or a summary? Where can we access the raw data?


It is my hope that management and/or the BOD will weigh in on this. A link to the results for prior surveys would be helpful.

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