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Naming squeezes

In the old days, organic molecules were most often given names based on the substance they were first isolated from. eg the name Toluene ultimately comes from Balsam of Tolu which is obtained from the sap of a South American tree. But eventually it was realised that having to remember an ever increasing number of arbitrary names was ridiculous and it would be better to have an algorithmic naming method whereby any organic chemical could be given a name based on its structure, and conversely, the structure of a chemical could be derived from the name.  Thus toluene became methylbenzene (i.e. a methyl group attaced to a benzene ring), and TNT, or trinitrotoluene, became 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene (i.e a nitro group attached to carbon atoms 1,3 &5 of a benzene ring, with a methyl group attached to atom 2).

I think we need a similar approach to naming squeezes.

It's all very poetic having backwash squeezes, and knockout squeezes, and mole squeezes, and so on. But wouldn't it be better if given an end position with a specific arrangement of menaces of different types, we could just write down the name of the squeeze; and conversely given the name, we could easily construct the position it refers to?

If only I were up to the task!

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