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National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?

I never thought I'd be writing a poll on this, but thanks to my partner stepping in while I was going full Jean van de Velde in the final session of the NAPs the other day, I am technically a national champion (no, this does not make me World Class as per Dave Caprera's poll that's also trending; I am perfectly fine accepting that I'm "not awful"). Anyways, I heard from a friend that there was a recent motion passed in Honolulu that prevents national champions (only applies to Open events) from entering limited events. I confirmed with a director that this is the case effective January 1, 2020.


I understand why the board passed a motion like this: they want to prevent Open event winners from entering limited events and potentially stealing the opportunity for someone else to win. However, I do feel like this is a bit harsh, especially for someone like myself. I only have 2400 points and will not be competitive in a "more serious" national event anytime soon (you can check my Platinum Pairs results from yesterday to confirm that) and while I have no problem entering in those events for the experience of playing in top-notch competition, I do enjoy playing with friends in limited events if we want to do so. Being that I'm also a Junior, I'm not even eligible for every event out there, so preventing me from entering additional events further limits what I can enter.


Therefore, I ask: national champions playing in limited events - fair or foul?

Fair but the only limited events that national champions should be allowed to enter are 0-10K events

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