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Need Help To Complete Granovetter Auction

I was playing in a bracketed knockout against the Granovetters.

Pam:   K10xx,AQxx, Kxxx

Matt:  AJxxxx,Kx,Axx, xx

Playing a strong club system, Pam opened 1, could be as few as zero. Matt bid 1NT, artificial game force, with relay responses. Pam bid 2 to describe her 4-4-1-4 pattern, and Matt bid 2, which expressed slam interest, but without indicating a suit ( as best I recall).  Pam bid 2 ( expressing a willingness to cooperate) and the auction continued to 6.  Impressive

1-  Does anyone have any idea what the rest of the auction was?  I had no reason to get involved, and Matt's quick explanation at the end was  followed  by a quick claim.

2- What I am trying to get my arms around was that they were able to right-side the contract.  Was this just an accident? If I give the king to Pam and the !king to Matt, would their system allow to pllay the contract from Matt's hand?



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