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Need help with building a partnership - bidding and notes

Hi all

My new partner and i had discussed our agreements today, and we have a couple of questions that we hoped you could help us out with. To give you some background - we are aspiring but not yet expert players that would really like to improve. We are interested in building a long term partnership, but we played only a couple of times so far. For bidding system - we have a relatively detailed notes document, that we discuss and edit about once a week or 10 days. In the future, if it works out, we both would like to try a strong club opening system, but for the times being we decided to play 2/1 with gadgets - at least to see how it goes, before we jump into something that requires (as we understand it) way more subtleties than 2/1. In general memory strain is not really an issue for either of us - as long as it fits the general logic of the system, but we would not like to have a lot of very specific bids that we just have to remember. 

So after today's discussion we wanted to ask for your help with couple of issues :)

1) Kickback - while I am familiar with the general idea, I never actually played it. My partner did and suggested it. Is it a good convention to include? What are the pros and cons? What are the most problematic situation(s) we should discuss in particular? 

2) We seem not to know what would be the best treatment when opponents double the response to whatever keycard inquiry we make (e.g ....4NT-P-5-X-?). What are your agreements for XX, pass, 5 of your suit?

3) (Unrelated to bidding) Is there some kind of software/document system, that is particularly good for organizing system notes? What do you use?

Also, if you just have some reference to reading material, or willing to share your notes on any of the subjects, or just have useful suggestions that are likely to save us grief - I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!


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