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Negative Doubles after 3rd Seat Openings

Most of us open light in 3rd seat, for example, with AKJxx xx xxx Qxx . Even with the same hand but 4 carder or , this will be an acceptable 3rd seat opener.


The problem arises when RHO overcalls at the 2 level on our partner's 3rd seat 1 Major opening, and we hold a maximum passed hand without a fit for partner's major but with 4 cards in the Other Major.

For Example: 1-(2) and we hold xx AQxx KJxx xxx , a straight forward negative dbl if not for the possibility of light opening.


The problem with NegX is that partner will face an awkward rebid if he opened a 4 card major (we may be forced to play a 4-2 fit). The problem with passing is that partner will have a hard time competing further to a partscore or marginal  game.


 So after 1M Opening 3rd seat, What are your methods in these situations holding Max pass, with and without a fit?


My current partnership method is that X on the above auction shows 3 card limit (to avoid playing 4-3 fit at the 3 level) known as Drury Doubles, cuebid shows 4 card limit, free bids as Non Forcing 5+ Suit Max Pass. So with the above hand, I am forced to bid a very unpleasant Pass.

(If you play some other method, please describe it in the comments.)



I play the same method as described in the post. Above scenario is the drawback of Light opening bids, have to live with it.
I play the same methods as on Opening bids at 1st & 2nd seats (Dbl is Negative)
Some other method catering to Light opening bids.
I don't make 3rd Seat Light openings.

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