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Negative Doubles Over NT - Questions

I'm trying to incorporate Negative Doubles into our partnership's Lebensohl Responses. We play 15-17 NT. I have read two good BW posts on this subject: Robin Hillyard Oct. 23, 2014, and  David Bailey March 23, 2012 plus Phillip's article Are there any others I have missed?

I have several questions about the subject.

2. What is your estimate of the percentage of expert level players playing Neg Doubles vs Penalty Doubles?

3. When did Neg Doubles overtake Penalty Doubles? I don't see any books covering Negative Doubles over 1 NT overcalls and nobody at our local club plays them.

4. Do you ever violate the 2-card rule? 

5. Do you ever convert a double to penalty with good honors but with only a 3-card trump suit?

It appears only with 4-2 breaks and a BOP (22-24) will a partnership be able penalize overcaller. With 3-3 breaks the overcaller will go unpunished even though their side has only about 16-18 HCPs and only 7 trumps. However, our side probably has an 8-card trump fit and with 22-24 BOP the odds are very good we can make a 2-level contract or higher.



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