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Negative Inferences

In the Auction 1 Pass 1 1NT

1 Bidder asks LHO  if that is Sandwich or Natural. Answer was we have no agreement.  Director was called and Director ruled that 1  is entitled to ask what opponents thoughts are but obviously at their  own risk.

 1 has an obvious problem, because X would now be Penalty over strong but support over sandwich. 1cl bidder elected to pass, 

1 Bidder decides to clarify the situation,, so asks the possibly correct question. Do you now or have you ever played sandwich NT, His RHO affirms this partnership has never played sandwich NT.

Should the Director have allowed No agreement, when there was a definite agreement not to play Sandwich?


Yes, players need to learn to ask the right question
No, the Director needs to help both sides understand what their responsibilities are to full disclosure

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