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Never mind the quality and forget about the width

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width is a British television sitcom first broadcast in 1967 as a single play in the Armchair Theatre anthology series, later becoming a series of half-hour episodes, which ran until 1971. A total of 40 episodes were made, all but one of them being believed to have aired...blah blah(Wikipedia) 

Never mind the quality...feel the width. Phrase used to persuade you that quantity is more important than quality. Originated from unscrupulous London backstreet tailors palming you off with cheap material instead of the good stuff for your suit.(Urban dictionary)

Don’t attempt to solve the following ‘missing numbers’ conundrum, an explanation will follow.          

‘The Bridge Magicians ‘ 94  &  7.8. ‘Playing with the Bridge Legends’ 97  & 7.9.              ‘Close Encounters(1)’   99  & 8.8.     ‘Bridge at the Edge’ 93 & 9.6 .    ‘Bridge,Zia and Me’ 87 & 9.6. ‘I Love this Game’ 98  & 9.9.            ‘Last Board’  ?      ?

I started to read ‘Last Board ‘ recently and became annoyed quite quickly - not so much that it wasn’t that good** but at the amount of blank space. I did a very rough and ready count where I assessed any page with less than 50% text as ‘half ‘a blank page. Then did the same analysis for half a dozen other books by the same publisher. For each book the first figure is the  % of the book that actually has material. The second figure(ignoring inflation )is the cost per 100 pages(in $)of ‘text‘.So, where does ‘Last Board’ come - 67% and $13.5! Scandalous. Unfortunately I’d already(sight unseen) recommended it to someone for Xmas,sorry.

** Leaving aside the quality of some of the material I was puzzled looking at the dates in the contents that there was no entry for 2003 - Mark Horton in the introduction actually mentions Lauria and the 2003 Bermuda Bowl yet the hand does not feature,astonishing.

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